Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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Edge of Extinction: Hand Gestures and Calls

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 Edge of Extinction: Hand Gestures and Calls Empty Edge of Extinction: Hand Gestures and Calls

Post by Antonia Brown on Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:49 pm

While there is an official section on Hand gestures, (See Minds Eye Theatre, Vampire the Masquerade by By Night Studios page 318), the New Zealand LARP scene has its own common gestures.


  • Hand on Head - I'm not here in character.
  • One hand on the other in a T symbol - Time out of roleplaying, I want to talk to you out of character. Basically the “I’m not roleplaying” from the book.
  • Both hands across the chest in a x- I'm invisible (can be detected with Auspex). May replace the “You can’t see me” from the book.
  • Arms straight sticking almost straight down, fists about a foot out from the hips, insides of wrists facing out - Basically the “I’m exceptionally imposing” from the book.
  • Finger by eye- Using Heightened Senses to see something in detail in your line of sight (obvious). Hold over from the old edition (possibly unneeded).


  • Time out - Everyone drop out of character as there is something we need to deal with.
  • Time in - Everyone can get back in character and continue the game.

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