Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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Edge of Extinction: The Book

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Edge of Extinction: The Book Empty Edge of Extinction: The Book

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:09 am

For a brief period in July 1999, a Red Star shone in the sky, signaling a series of changes that became known as the Week of Nightmares. According to rumors that spread rapidly among the Sabbat, the Ravnos Antediluvian awakened in Bangladesh and was immediately destroyed by unknown agencies in a devastating battle that spanned three days and nights. The Sabbat saw the event as a holy revelation and the Red Star as a sign of Caine’s imminent return. the Regent announced a Crusade, and the Sabbat Embraced massive quantities of mortals, driving them toward its Camarilla enemies in savage waves. Whether or not the Red Star was a grand revelation of the End Times, it became a convenient catalyst for hungry Cainites to justify an all-out Crusade after decades of cold conflict.

Throwing away all vestiges of caution, the Sabbat rose up and prepared for Gehenna. The time had come for Caine to return.

Then… nothing happened.

In January 2001, every vampire in the Sabbat-controlled city of Savannah was eradicated in a single night. Exceptionally coordinated and well-informed societies of mortal hunters, working together, took advantage of the chaos within the sect. These operatives descended on Sabbat strongholds and eradicated pack after pack of Sabbat. Vampires who had been conspicuous in celebrating the “end of the world” were quickly destroyed, and the Sword of Caine was slaughtered throughout the East Coast.

Many scholars and powerful Sabbat leaders were destroyed during the Nights of Turmoil. The Sabbat has grown weak.
Its numbers are drastically reduced, and it is still the primary target of mortal hunters. The war against the Antediluvians and the Camarilla, while important, must come second to the sect’s survival. Desperate for hope, many packs search for lost myths of Enoch, alternate prophecies of Caine’s return, or revelations in lost pages of the Book of Nod.

Although the Sabbat once practiced unrestrained mass- Embraces, that tactic has been significantly curtailed and is now practiced only as part of an official Crusade. In an age where street-corner security cameras feed directly to the internet, Embracing large numbers of mortals would reveal the sect’s whereabouts in an instant. Further, such vampires are weak, thin-blooded, and untrained; random fast-food workers will never replace a lost army. The sacred gift of Caine’s Embrace must be treated with respect.

The above is an excerpt from the amazing new Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade core book (available from Drive-Thru RPG), which updated the setting of Vampire: the Masquerade from 1999 to 2014, and provided a clean new set of rules for Vampire LARPs. We are going to be using that book for this LARP (and only that book, barring them putting out something else we think is really cool. Plus any house-rules we might come up with, of course). Naturally, we do not expect people to *need* to buy the book to play, and are more than happy to help people make characters!

In general, the book keeps everything that was canon, canon (although the fate of Ravnos is "was defeated by unknown parties"), but has extended the timeline all the way to the present. So if you want to know the current status of that Clan you always wanted to play... ask!


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