Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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Edge of Extinction: Character Creation Tips 201

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Edge of Extinction: Character Creation Tips 201 Empty Edge of Extinction: Character Creation Tips 201

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:48 am

If you're an experienced gamer, you're quite likely to want to make your own character.
This is fine with us, as it means we don't have to work as hard, and that's helpful.

Consider this thread to be a basic guide to making a more powerful character, should you care about that sort of thing.

- Neonates are remarkably capable, thanks to the cost discount on Skills and Backgrounds.
- Skills are really good, particularly the first dot - most skills have a useful mini-"power" effect that can be quite useful, and they're cheap!
- Backgrounds are also pretty powerful, but if you're used to WoD, you know this.
- Attributes are both cheap and effective, if boring. The game designers expected players to buy at least one Attribute up to their generation limit.
- Your Attribute Focuses are a defining aspect of your character. The bonuses to Disciplines are awesome. The Versatile Merit is *great*.
- Merits are AWESOME. Plan to take all 7 dots in them; they are often grossly undercosted in terms of XP cost for the effect, because you only get 7 dots of merits, ever (and no, Flaws do not give you the ability to take more).
- The additional in-clan Discipline merit is well worth it; it allows you to teach that Discipline to other players and your ghouls.
- Because of this, rare Clans/Bloodlines take a significant hit to power; they're often still worth it, mind, but the basic clans are strong.
- In-Clan merits are often even better than General Merits.
- Celerity, Fortitude and Potence may be Common Disciplines, but they're hard to beat for combat-based ass-kicking.
- Ancillae are the best Generation for Techniques. Some Techniques are *amazing*.
- Pretender Elders are the only Generation that can take Elder Powers *and* Techniques. This can be awesome.
- Note that any given Elder Power is available to characters of 6th to 8th Generation.
- Luminary Elders have the biggest blood pool and generation cap, but you pay a LOT of XP for the privilege.
- Master Elders don't pay increased costs for out-of-clan disciplines. Since no Clan "has it all", this can add up.
- In general, higher Generation costs a lot of XP, which balances it out with lower Generation. Perhaps slightly higher limits on how powerful you can eventually be... but this is a Sabbat game. By the time you have that much XP, you can eat someone (and it'll be 2020 and more than likely we'll be on to BNS VtM revised, anyway).


Starting as a Revenant (bloodline of ghouls who are ghouls from birth) or Ghoul is actually a really good deal. You get more free dots of Disciplines to start with than a normal character, and you keep all your XP if you get Embraced (although you'll have to spend it to keep those previously free Discipline dots). So I'd strongly consider it.


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