Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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Fright night

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Fright night Empty Fright night

Post by Mr B on Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:31 am

(OOC -I am not sure of how the events of the november gathering will be resolved. assuming we do not simply carry on with the scene I will arrange the following below:)

With the Archbishops permission I am planning a relaxing evening at Rainbow end for our next gathering. The "theme" is fright night. I have arranged to secure to venue but we will need some bloodbags to run the rides. I will get my retainer to help and I would ask for my fellow sabbat to volunteer their retainers. I thought we might have a game of instinct if there is time -we aren't going to follow all that safety crap the mortals go through on the rides are we??

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