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From the desk of Magog Empty From the desk of Magog

Post by TehFrogprince on Wed May 10, 2017 11:27 am

I am Magog, I am the Bishop of War, I will see those unworthy of Caines gift destroyed, I have no place for those who pretend to be sheep, we are not a flock to be feasted by the elders, we must become monsters.. and to do that, we will fight a bloody war, for in war your potential will be achieved.. the weak shall be culled and by that will be made stronger. I have no time for those that fall by the wayside. Become what you are intended to be or die..I do not care which.
I have my orders from the archbishop, I will consult both the pack Priests and Ductus and work out how we move forward.

Glory to the Sabbat.


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