Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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From the desk of the Bishop of Information

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From the desk of the Bishop of Information Empty From the desk of the Bishop of Information

Post by Mr B on Sun May 07, 2017 1:38 pm

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As the Bishop of Information in these uncertain times it is important that I am able to keep tabs on the residents of our sect in the city, to ensure that they do not go quietly into the night like the recently fallen Choir of Devastation. Most of you will be aware of the abduction of the former Bishop of war prior to our last gathering. It is vital that we can quickly distinguish between the actions of our brothers and sisters and those of the enemy. I need not remind any of you that the recent visit of the inquisitor has brought firmly into focus the importance of vigilance.

I would also like those with information pertaining to any other supernaturals or hunters seen in the city to pass that information to me. With the exception of more recent arrivals, you will all be aware that we call home to a city in which dwell a number of mortal and supernatural freaks of all persuasions whose favourite sunday night past time is to rip the arms of our fellow Cainites and beat them with it. Others try to destroy us in our havens or coax nearby volcanoes to blow their load on us.  

Victory on the battlefield is nothing if we are defeated on the home front. In these unsettling times it is vital that we can quickly distinguish between the actions of our brothers and sisters and those of the enemy. Therefore I call upon each member of the diocese to to supply me with the following:

Any other Sabbat diocese that you have been active in within the last 5 years
Contact phone number(preferably cell phone)
Haven address including auxiliary havens.
The details of any mortal identity you have used in the last 5 years.
Vehicle description and licence plate number for vehicles you "own" (details of temporarily acquired vehicles need only be supplied on request)
Serial numbers from any registered firearms (If you want one come to your your friend Bishop Black.  
Details of the above should be supplied in as much detail as possible for all unproven you have created.

As a side note; if you have a whoopsie when feeding or become the target of police scrutiny please phone your good friend Bishop Black and he will sort it out for you.

Let vigilance be our watchword in our crusade against the tyranny of the Elders.
Bishop Black
Initiated,Blessed, loyal

(Out of Character -As a player I dont want to be bombarded by minor details of characters, I simply want a written confirmation that the details are supplied so I can say to the STs for instance "did the number plate match one of those owned by the sabbat" )

Mr B

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