Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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Palla Grande

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Palla Grande Empty Palla Grande

Post by Mr B on Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:55 pm

Its almost here!

This is the premiere event on the Sabbat calendar and I feel we must do it justice.

I have taken the leap and am arranging something a bit new for the night.

My vision is a party aboard a boat. I am getting a suitably sized watercraft, that can hold the gathering and monomacy setup. I am also arranging snatching some refreshments for the blood feast. Anyone who wants to assist is welcome to especially if your are good at crowd control.

I am also writing a play for the occasion, whilst I am no effete toreador, I think I am at least an adequate wordsmith. I am sure you will all draw the appropriate level of animus towards the subjects of my parable.

I hope that you will all prioritise attending this Auctoritas Ritae. Even the term Auctoritas is eminently perfect to describe this occasion. It would be good if we could all wear something appropriate for the Palla Grande

Mr B

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