Sabbat: Edge of Extinction
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From the Archbishop

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From the Archbishop Empty From the Archbishop

Post by darkling2000 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:12 pm

Brothers, Sister and Other Family, a few things to get straight going forward whilst this city is under my guidance.

Titles and Respect to the Clergy:
My title is Archbishop, or High Worship to those that are not of my city. Only those that have earned the status Loyal from me directly are expected to call out to me or refer to me by my name. I will be easier on those that have fought alongside me in this, and my pack are exempt.

My Bishops will be referred to as Bishop or Bishop and their name, unless they have given you permission to do otherwise.

Disrespect of the Clergy will not be tolerated in any form.
Accidental etiquette failures will be tolerated if followed swiftly by apologies.
Refusal to apologies for any offence taken by a Bishop or Myself that is refused will be beaten, by the offended party and any other loyal member of this city unless the offended party says otherwise. (non-final-death)

This City is at War and this will have a few implications:
1. There will be NO monomancy accepted without going through me first, for permission, now is not the time to have our own killing our own. If I deem the matter of less importance than the security of the city I will delay your faceoff till such time as I can afford to lose one of you. Or I will be expecting a non-final-death or any result that would lose me the use of a member’s skills, so if it is for title or otherwise then I am more inclined to settle it within the month.
2. If a Sabbat kills a Sabbat then their life is forfeit to me, to use for the city in any way I see fit including public execution or soft furnishings duty.
3. When I am not there and a decision must be made the Bishop of Resources is my second, If we are both missing, then the Bishop of Faith, and then Bishop of Security form the line of command.
4. On any quest or outing pack or otherwise any loot is to be split 50% to those that completed the mission, and the rest to be placed in the Archbishop’s Share. I will be using this stockpile for the good of the sect in the war. The pack or group that retrieved the loot will have first pick, in the order of those of senior rank first, followed by amounts of status.
5. I want to know the powers we have at our disposal, please let the Bishop of Resources know your capabilities and the gifts you are able to teach others. From time to time you may be required to teach others a power as a reward for their good work, this is an honour to you and your skill that you are selected to be a teacher.  (This list will be kept private to myself and the Bishop of Resources only)

About the Wars.
We are in two wars currently whilst we solidify our hold of Auckland.
We have a war with the wolves, they are based in the west and there is to be no mercy. The head of any werewolf from this city is worthy of reward.
We are at war with the Camarilla of Hamilton. It is Known that the despised blood mages hold a powerful chantry there. We will be focusing more effort in crushing this enemy once the werewolves within our own city have been dealt with.

Bring not the eyes of the hunters on us!
There are hunters in the city, currently we have them chasing their own tail and looking at werewolves and the kindred in Hamilton… anything that brings their attention to vampires in Auckland will be harshly punished.
If you are able to get them hunting in Hamilton, then you will be worthy of a reward.

I am looking for a Bishop of Information
Those with the mortal ties and skills to fill this roll should make themselves known to me. I may or may not publicly announce this appointment.
The first test will be finding locations of werewolves and providing information that leads to confirmed kills in the war for our city.
The second thing of interest to me is knowledge of the camarilla actions in Hamilton.


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